The Cider is hard, but making it doesn't have to be

Welcome to, the site dedicated to helping you make great hard cider without breaking your back or the bank.  I hope this site gives you all the information and resources you will need to make hard cider from the comfort of your home.  So whether you are a seasoned homebrewer, or don’t know a carboy from a bung, I look forward to helping you along your homebrewing journey.  When the process is over and you crack open a bottle, it’ll be worth it, because the best hard cider is the one you make yourself!

How to Make Hard Cider

Making hard cider is a blend of art and science.  The guide is aimed at beginners and advanced cider makers and teaches various techniques and processes used in the recipes can make you a great cider maker in no time.

Orchard Row


Whether you are a beginner wanting to make your first batch, a homebrewer of beer or wine wanting to ‘branch’ out, or a hard cider veteran, we have just the recipe for you!  Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes cater every skill level, from beginner to advanced.


First-timers can get by with limited equipment, but there are lots of tools of the trade that can make your life easier.  See the detailed explanations of the equipment you will need to make the perfect hard cider.


A hard cider is only as good as the ingredients.  If you don’t have the right raw cider, yeast, and sugars, your hard cider won’t have a chance.  Explore more detailed explanations of each type of ingredient that compliments the recipes.

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